Happy Father’s Day

To all the Dads in this world and the dads to be…. Happy Father’s Day… We Love You..

I love my father everyday but this day makes it special and only about him since he was born on 1/7, which I am sure all my fellow Saudis know what I mean.  He tried to get a ball park for his date of birth but all my grandmother allah yr7amha could remember was b3d al7j oo gbl algay9‘.  Really? That helped!  

Too bad he is not with me now. I am sure he is loving the golf clubs I got him… or rather his secretary got him for me:)  He will enjoy them in Dubai…not sure about Riyadh, although my fellow tweeters sent me a link to a golf course in Riyadh.  Didn’t even know my dad was taking it seriously until an incident happened with my mom and she told me.(refer to tags)  I am not really sure about the golfing attire or if hay2ah will be there to enforce the thob and shma3‘ in  127 degrees F.  I doubt there are women allowed, so thank god I am not into golfing.  He will just have to leave them in Dubai or golf in our back yard where our dogs will choke on the golf balls.  Isn’t living in Saudi just fabulous?


~ by Purple Velvet on June 21, 2009.

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