Absolutely Disgusting!!!

I was peacefully having my cereal in bed watching the view when they put this on:about a girl in the U.K. who wanted three stars tattooed on her face, and instead got 56

First I thought it was funny!

Whoopi Goldberg was saying she was high there is no way on earth she was sleeping…. she said if there is a needle going in and out of your face and you don’t wake up, you are high. I totally agree I got a tattoo my self and was blasting rab7 9agr on my ipod and biting a pillow and it was only one tiny tattoo not on mt face. Then they followed the story by putting the guy’sـــthat did itــface on TV

that absolutely killed it. I put my bowl of Cheerios down and almost cried. The Belgian teen is now suing the “artist” she kept saying he is an Englishman what does that have to do with it? He only speaks french, I am confused… whatever! He says he is willing to pay for half the cost to get the STARS removed by laser.

If you want to learn more about this incident… be my guest.



~ by Purple Velvet on June 21, 2009.

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