I will survive

I decided to call it a day, be a good girl and come home early. As I stare at the stack of piled papers on my desk. I feel hopeless and desperate. It is 8 weeks that will make it or break it.
I glimpse at my shiny navy blue colored toenails, my lime green fingernails….and wish the choice was as easy as picking the color of your next nail polish. I normally opt for a purplish color or a hint of violet, but I have been accused of not switching it around. In fact, was threatened to be killed by targa if I got anymore purple. He said that he feels grossed from the color purple now, thanks to everything I get or already have. He precisely used the word “7awamtee kabdee“.
I start with ease by getting my brain into the reading mood. I go thru a couple of pages from my newest addition to my books “Holly’s In box” It’s kinda like Bridget Jones’s Diary but in the electronic age. I spin my favorite CD and sing along. I open my friend’s blog hoping she posted the 4th part of her story. I call and yell at her for not . “what is so fun in Kuwait that is keeping you from doing so? “


I will do it ….at least I hope…..


~ by Purple Velvet on June 14, 2009.

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