Halloween Party in Riyadh!!

     As I watch the Suze Orman Show..I suddenly feel the heat, not sure if it was the pinch I felt from all her words about how sour the economy is or how it’s going to sore and how we have seen nothing yet. I go to the thermostat and crank up the cool, I put the temperature as low as it would allow me to do so. I slather some of my favorite minty icy blue Lancôme juicy lip gloss. My mind takes me back to Riyadh and the hot summer days. To be specific the hottest day you can feel…..the day you arrive back home from you summer vacation no matter how short it was. You can feel the heat radiating from the walls. I never got the reason, even when our central air was on the whole time it still wasn’t the same after a couple days of a actually being their.  Is it the shock? As I unpack one of my suitcases, I look at all these different outfits I brought back, picture me going out and showing them off. Ahh…the best part of the vacation is looking at all the things you bought and brought back with you.

It hit me …I call my sister and tell her: I am throwing a Halloween party this weekend, even if it is still September.

The guest list:

1-My sister(Duh)
2-Me. (Duh)^2


I mentioned that costumes were required and we will have it in the open.

1-My sister
last location>> Paris
seen wearing>>Gucci sleeveless dress, right above the knee.

last location>>New York
seen wearing>> Dressy Jeans and a sheer top with elastic-metal belt on waist.

last location>>Cairo
seen wearing>>tight pair of jeans, halter top with an elbow length sleeve stretchy-blouse under it and rainbow double layered hijab tied in a knot(hair fully covered).

last location>>London
seen wearing>>Khaki Pants, long sleeved blouse and an earthy hijab (hair fully covered).

last location>>Kuwait
seen wearing>>tight jeans,long sleeve stretchy shirt and white hijab (hair partially covered).

last location>>Jeddah
seen wearing>>Dark navy blue moo moo like- abaya with same color head scarf (partially covering hair).

last location>>Cannes
seen wearing>>bikini

last location>>Malaysia
seen wearing>>Abaya on head,black gloves and Niqab

last location>>Dubai
seen wearing>>abaya and partially covering her hair with scarf.

last location>>Australia
seen wearing>> shorts and a tank top.

last location>>Dhahran
seen wearing>>Abaya with scarf on shoulders.

The outcome was not bad 10/11.
Who would you guess not showing up?
My dear friend Latifah couldn’t make it her “husband was sick”.

Greeting them at my party we all sadly were wearing the exact same costume…with minimal alterations done to each. In general It was a Black abaya and Black head scarf(covering hair partially,covering hair and/or covering face)

No more Costume parties in Riyadh. It is bad enough we walk around wearing masks all the time.

-I can’t go there uncovered, my sister in law loves that restaurant what if she sees me?
-I have to cover my face, we have reached my aunt’s neighborhood, her son knows my car.
-Can’t get coffee from here, my brother’s friends are always sitting outside.
-Cover your faces girls, we have reached our gate. Don’t want the Gardener (aka the spy) spilling our business to my brother.

yallah t3’a6oo 3n albowabah“or “9akiko wjehkum“<<"close your faces"

Ciao Bella


~ by Purple Velvet on June 14, 2009.

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