Burberry Day

I was walking with my mom last Monday and was in deep pain from my new metallic caged flats. Ahh the pain.. The friction on the back of my ankle almost made me break into tears..fine I cried, just a little. My mom offers to trade shoes twice which is very unlikely of her. However, that was not possible due to the fact she is a size 6 and I am a 7.5. Do you think that is why she offered to do so in the first place? Hmmm. I stop at Duane Reade’s and get those cushiony thingies you stick on the back. Great for five minutes then I stuck a tissue in between as well. I was ready to buy a pair of shoes but could not walk any longer.

We were on our way to Rockefeller’s Center. I stop by Crumbs and get a Gigantic Grasshopper Cupcake, I felt better right away. I couldn’t eat it though from the pain. We continued walking as I continued to cry. All the sudden I burst into tears! OMG Burberry on top of a building EWWWW!!! I hate Burberry!!!

I forgot I was holding a bag in my hand that had a cupcake and the minute I saw Magnolia near Rockefeller I walked in. 6.50$ they got to be kidding!! In this economy who the hell is going to buy it. That my dear readers is the price for a tiny Red Velvet cupcake. I love Magnolia but if I want Magnolia I go to Perry St. and turn right on Bleecker. If I want Red velvet I go to The Waldorf. Obviously this is a tourist ripoff. Thanks to Sex and The City that made them famous. No way am I going to stand in line for a bottle of water and watch people get ripped off without knocking some New York sense into them. So I debate for a fraction of a second and walk away in silence rather than get kicked out by an angry employee.This is insane my Crumb cupcake is triple the size and half the price.

I walk around the block and look for The Original Soup Man, the franchise that “The Soup Nazi”- as he hates to be called- sold to North America, which they say stinks. I haven’t had any to judge but normally franchises and chains do stink. Mendy’s another Jerry Seinfeld made popular place, it’s split pea soup was advertised on the show. What makes you think you will do any better than the Original Soup Man . To me it sounds very unappetizing, split pea soup yuck!! Listen Mendy’s, I don’t think saying that you are well know for the split green pea soup from the Jerry Springfield show will do you any good. Especially, if you are not looking into leaving the country like our friend Al. Aka the soup Nazi. He looked into the franchise business to give his soup making away and live on the money. He doesn’t”t care that most the shops are closed and the few left are on the way.

To give justice there is a one and only place I agree on from Jerry Seinfeld’s, which is Ray’s Original Famous Pizza. It is fantastic. Ray’s Pizza he says…Is it Original? Yes. Is it famous? Yes. It sure is damn good !!!

Back to The BURBERRY sign ICK!! I discover only yesterday that,,,, that Burberry thing on top of the building has an Official Day. Mayor Micheal Bloomberg announced Burberry Day on May 28th.


I was too much in pain to ask that day. I am much better now that I put those flats away in their dust bag and in the box to never see the light ever again. I will put the box where the sun don’t shine!!!

For you guys who have further interest about this wonderful day :


cheerio ol’ chap


~ by Purple Velvet on May 30, 2009.

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