Sick and Tired

Ahh the 80’s sunny days in Palm Springs and all the fun with nothing to worry about….

I think I finally kicked that bad habit/ phase. Last week I sat on the couch for 10 hours only doing minimal activity. I didn’t even edit my old posts. I talked with my mom who was giving me a headache with the numerous times she sat and stood up! I was in a slump or whatever they call it. Final stage starts Monday. I broke it at the right time. It is OK for one to have that case of laziness for a day or two. That is when I am PMS’ing. Other than that No way. My Project is due mid August and days at the Clinic will be long and miserable.

I will now listen to this song as I have remorsefully rose into well being and out of my misery!


~ by Purple Velvet on May 28, 2009.

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