So yes ladies and gentleman, it is my last weekend with my mom or so I thought! I went to the over stuffed mail box and threw almost everything in the recycle bin and almost threw 2 very important envelopes along with it. One was my Credit Card Bill. I opened it and there it was 11367.86 $. No no, this can’t be right. I did not shop! I was in London for 5 days. I did not shop. I send in my payment, cut the card in half then once more and throw each part in a different trash can. Every time I opened my wallet friends and even sales clerks would joke with me about how many cards I had. A cashier even joked when I said I am thinking about which one I should use, she said use the blue one.

                                 3 more I couldn’t find:Chase,Mastercard and Citi® Platinum

Another problem is misplacing my credit cards and check books.  I throw them in my huge purse which is almost impossible to find anything in, due to the fact they are mostly travel size totes.  I might leave a credit card on the dashboard after paying a parking garage.  My Lebanese neighbor used to tease my with the word(majdoba)  when he would go to start his car early in the winter morning before I leave and see my credit card on the dash board.  I never cared about going out in the cold to start my car before taking off.  I just wait till I get bored.  He would actually go and start it and return to get dressed and make his coffee.  If I really wanted to do so, I would get one of those starting remotes.

 What is the average number of cards one should have.  I agreed with my partner to keep one in the States and a personal one in Riyadh other than the joint one we have together.  She says it is a lot easier to keep track that way.  I always joked that I would give her full control and let her give me a monthly allowance.  She said you need a daily allowance like a 7 year old because you would spend the month’s amount with a shopping spree in the first hour.

I understand why Americans have to charge stuff. Some prefer to have the cost go slow and invest the rest in the meanwhile. I am not talking about people in credit card debt that actually have a problem. Whom either charged more than they can afford, others whom lost their job before the could pay back or ones that started charging food and necessities after getting laid off and ran out of savings. I my self have an even bigger problem, I should not be charging stuff that I can afford and forget to pay the bill then get hit with all these finance charges and fees. The reason I got my first personal credit card from the States was to build my credit. I knew I would not be needing one. I decided to voluntarily open a couple and maintain them . That never was the case, hence my dilemma.  So I am actually harming my credit rather than doing my self any good
 This is not my first financial mistake. I want to make sure there will be no third time around. I consider my self a spender and it has never bothered me. What bothers me is, when I don’t know how I spent it. The only thing I saw on there that I could put my finger on, was my Fabulous Bottega Veneta clutch that was a little bit over 700£.   A lot less expensive than the rest of my collection of fabulous bags.  My collection is so fabulous I am down to a wish list of stuff that I still can’t find to fit my exact taste or have a waiting list that my name is sure on.  I have switched from designer sunglasses to vintage, as my mom you bought all the designer sunglasses, you are down to the point you search for ones designed by the dead.
  The last time it was 9987.61 $ in 11 days without even traveling. I would like to also point out that I didn’t pay for my Hotel nor take cabs. I used my mom’s driver and had all meals with my mom… so you can understand where I am coming from. I called my sister and yelled at her for not letting me buy that extra pair of shoes that I had to buy ــto bring the number of shoes I own in the States close to 150 pairs she reminded me, or the latest embroidered Vertu phone. Are you happy now I didn’t get what I want nor do I now have money to buy what I need.  
My fear comes from within. It is not about becoming poor or being homeless. I hopefully will be able to enjoy the finer things in life as long as I shall live. I am concerned about my control over my self and my spending. It is like I have no limit. I have my loving father whom would never say no to me. What if one day I really had to manage my own finances. The only bill I pay is my cell phone bill and it once got disconnected because I forgot. “refer to the VIP tag for more on that”.
We all heard of the young rich boy that spent all his money. I am concerned about my own wealth, my own earnings. Not money I take from my dad. I have a mini business in Riyadh with my beloved partner whom I trust with all my life. I never look at any paperwork with her even when I was in Riyadh. We split the places and that is that. A lot of girls don’t even care because they think they will go from father’s house to husband’s and will always have a resource. I don’t want to take anything for granted, I want to be able to manage my finances. I was not happy when my dad let me only handle my cable bill and my cellphone bill and everything else that was crucial was Cynthia’s responsibility to write out checks and send them. He didn’t want me to fall behind on rent or other stuff in case I forgot, like I did with my cellphone bill.
So the minute I was at the newspaper stand and saw this book I knew it was time to start reading. I am now at the gate and ready to board my flight. Ta ta



~ by Purple Velvet on May 28, 2009.

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