Gone for the day

So I have to meet my Professor and other than the fact I am almost 1000 miles away I have no excuse. I jump on a plane and meet him 3 hours later. I take a cab back to the Airport and while waiting at the gate…..

Gavin Rossdale is on the local channel. He is one piece of hot ass! What? He is in Town!! DOWNTOWN 3 Blocks from my Loft! Oh goodness gracious… Why am I so unlucky in this world. I am not the hugest fan ! I mean if I knew..I wouldn’t’ve minded spending the night- away from all the pressure and listening to a couple of good tunes. I strut my stuff on the plane.

I guess it is my fate to live this way until a miracle happens and turns things around. I keep watching his song on You Tube from my BB. Throughout the Drive from JFK back to the Hamptons. I fall asleep in the backseat and only awake on Jeff’s voice: Miss we have arrived 20 minutes ago. Ahh…..what? Am I that scary? He couldn’t wake me up any sooner, chill Jeff I am not my Mom!!! The poor guy has to go home at some point to his kids and wife.

Oh well, My baked salmon is ready. Listen to the song as I go squeeze some lemon on it and eat.


Bon Appétit xoxx


~ by Purple Velvet on May 28, 2009.

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