Fleet Week

OMG I am back to The City I am so excited!! It is Fleet Week. Can’t get any better, sexy Sailors all over Times Square. People taking pictures with them and I certainly am one of them. I approach Times Square walking towards downtown from Central Park South. My eyes just sparkle. The minute I saw those sexy hunks in their crisp white uniforms I felt better. I forgot about the horrible five days I had in London. 

 I approach a group of Sailors chatting with their fellow Marines and ask for a picture. The Marine asks me if he should just press the button in the middle- I was using my BB to take the picture. I mean when you have been to a place more than 100 times. You certainly don’t walk around with a camera in hand. So I ask them to gather around me and one of them says the Marines too? I suddenly realize I might have just committed a Fleet week crime. What about the poor Marine that is taking the picture for me. I say OK, one with the sailors then the Marines. I was holding my Tasty delight and almost spilled it on one of the sailors shiny shoes as I carelessly tipped my cup. He says watch out! You don’t want to spill your ice cream on your self. I take my two pictures and march away feeling as If I were on cloud nine.  

I walk and glimpse at a couple of specials they have for our sexy uniformed men and women and take a few pictures to show you.

If I only were brave enough to ask where the party was going to be, oh well my mom was with me anyways so why ask if I can’t go. No sense of pulling a sex and the city if I won’t attend. Other than that, I was not really into the Parade or other festivities that went on for Fleet Week or Memorial Day.



~ by Purple Velvet on May 28, 2009.

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