Doughnut Plant

This post is going to be short and sweet just like the taste of the doughnut I just ate. I behave like I live in The City when I am in town. I go to the tiny holes in the wall to get my caffeine fix or treats. It just makes me feel better. I drag my mom along for a piece of NYC the way I know it. All she does is complain. Complaining as we approach Chinatown, I don’t enjoy the stinky smell but I can bare it for 2 seconds while I pass by. Complaining how far it is blah blah blah. I tell her you know we are just a couple of blocks from Soho if you want the driver to go and we can walk there. She gives me a look as if I was crazy.  

I get out of the car and give the driver the cross street where I will be meeting them. I know this city by heart and I just had to get out of the car. Her nagging was causing me to have a throbbing headache. I stop by the crossroad and there it was Zarin’s Fabrics.  


God I love Jill.  she is amazing.  I wish she was my mother.  I snap a few shots and cross over to take a close snap of her team Jill T-shirt.  Don’t you just love her?

Finally I reach the cross street.  The driver said that my mom wanted to leave but he told her he saw me crossing over.  I am not surprised, patients is not my mom’s thing.  This is the tiny shop from outside.  Very modest, but damn worth over looking that.

I enter the shop and my mom feels a bit claustrophobic. She says she will wait in the car! I explain that she should at least choose which kind she wants and I will bring it. With all these choices you don’t know what to get even your self.

She asks for black coffee and anything with Cinnamon in it. I ignore her choice and order Tres Leches’ for both of us. It is the most amazing doughnut on earth. It has milk inside and is glazed to perfection, not too sweet. I get an iced coffee for my self, although they are also known to make Chai tea from scratch but I am not a fan of ginger.
                                                  One more thing, the place is cash only!

I gave my mom and the driver their stuff and went back to sit inside.  This is the sorta bench you can sit on.  The man asks me where I took the rest of the doughnuts and why am I not going to eat inside standing as usual.  I tell him I dragged my mom who is visiting from Saudi, he jokes don’t you have good doughnuts in Saudi?  I tell him we don’t that’s why I want to move here!

I have never been a fan of doughnuts but these are different.  We actually have to call and make sure there are some Tres Leches left because they close whenever they sell out.  They are that good.

This is the Tres Leches from inside; Bliss….Can you see the milk?  I took a close-up but it is kind of blurry :s

On my way back to the car I take a picture of the mighty creator.

On our way back to the hotel we get into an argument about how people can not all be wrong by waiting in this line to get a doughnut. She really thinks it is not any better than Dunkin doughnuts.  God I hate that place.   I see this sign and tell my mom: see you have the world here.  I will be getting down thank you very much.  It is too pretty outside to go back to the hotel.  I will walk back.  She replies walk in this heat?  It is not Switzerland you know?

This is Switzerland  let me out!!  I yell at the poor driver.

After walking around and down Park Avenue.  I end up in Union Square Garden. Gosh I miss  Luna Park Cafe.  Instead they had THIS:

How Can’t You.. Love This City ??!!!


~ by Purple Velvet on May 28, 2009.

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