The Hamptons

I am soo beat! I will be editing it in a bit if I don’t fall asleep. I just wanted to note I am still alive and blogging. But to be honest nagging is taking over my blogging :s. I mentioned before I won’t be editing, I just want you to be able to read. Pics on previous post will be added asa I figure out how to crop them to the allowed limit! Have you ever seen anybody procrastinate blogging. Well, now you have 🙂

  So I switch to my calculator application and start calculating…if I drive normally around 70-85miles/hour and could barley go 50 on the way to The Hamptons, what would normally takes me 1 hours and 20 minutes could take 3 hours. Jeff! How slow are you going? 35. No wonder it takes us 5 hours! Well, with this bumper to bumper traffic that is about the best I can do. Never going back this time of year! It is the wrong time to head out of Manhattan Miss especially today and at this time. It was a Friday afternoon. So now you tell me! I wouldn’t mind spending a night alone in peace with The City.
  What new activities can I come up with? How do people manage to stay for the whole summer here. Despite the fact there certainly are good eateries and boutiques but I am a city gal! I wake up go outside have breakfast with my mom if I wake up early enough, due to the fact she is an early bird. Mom! Why do you eat so early? Isn’t the point to eat together? There is no Senior or early bird special. I am an early bird but not at all a Senior except when it is time for a free massage or a discount at the movies. You like to sleep in and we will not starve for your sake. After this appetizing discussion: I go back inside put on my bathing suit on and decide to lay down on the couch. This time of day is very dangerous and could cause skin cancer. I can’t nap because I just got up. I approach my mom’s friend and beg her to make me Jereesh. We manage to get all the ingredients or substitute yogurt for god knows what is supposed to to be in it. I suggest we play board games. The house we rented has every board game you can imagine. So seems like I am not the only person to suffer from bordisim.
I am in my last year of my twenties and it is such a pity to spend my vacation between a bunch of elderly women. Even when one of them happens to be my mom. The village is nice. Cute shopping and most importantly Starbucks. I wish they did not have Starbucks so I could justify not wanting to stay there. My summer semester is starting soon and I did not get a chance to vent. I want crazy busy cities loud music and lots of places to buy everything I see in sight. I want people full of energy. The activity we do every day after my caffeine fix is take a walk back the long way then call Jeff and tell him where we ended. The water is too cold for me. I am used to the warm Atlantic down south.
  I get faced with the nagging process for every compliment I throw or remark I make about how boring the life style they have adapted is and have brought with them all the way to The Hamptons. I get accused of wanting the perfect man which is going to cause me to end alone. I don’t need a man that will push me so far to live my life. I am doing it already with you guys. I will spare my self and him the pain.



~ by Purple Velvet on May 17, 2009.

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