Quail Hollow

I can’t believe I actually got up from my bed where I was peacefully watching season 3 of SATC, to edit this post that is starting to mold in my draft folder. However, I will not be posting the pictures now. I can barley get through this. I will have all day tomorrow. Not much can be done in the Hamptons. More on that later!

Pack your duffel bag for a day or two, we are going golfing! What? Since when do we golf exactly? I have an exam and I should not be going anywhere. The classic about not loving the mother and cherishing every minute we get to spend together, not wanting to be close to her by using every excuse possible etc, etc. The concierge insists that I will not regret it and how he can not believe I lived a good 5 years or so in Palm Springs, without going golfing.

To be honest I remember dad going golfing, the area near the club house that had a mini court and instead of having the grass, had that plastic green flooring they used ages ago around indoor pools. It was meant for us kids, although a lot of crazy seniors would go for it. I recall my dad owning golf clubs but vaguely remember us actually do the golfing part. On the contrary,the sport I do remember is tennis. We had a tennis court near our house and I can clearly recall watching my dad play matches. I am not really into tennis either but at least I do own Racquets. Hope I start one day in the near future.

So, it certainly would not be a shock if my mom reserved a tennis court in The Hamptons and wanted to play. Flying to golf on the other hand, is a little absurd. Robert the concierge continues with thrill that we are so lucky to find tickets this far through the tournament and blames the economy and people pinching their pennies. He says, they are normally sold out way before it even starts.Guilt drives me to LaGuardia.

We make a right on :Hello Quail Hollow. As the car got closer, I saw the sign that said MEDIA PARKING. Wow, this is supposed to be a huge thing. Media and all, I shrug. I mean Tiger Woods is actually here. Not to mention he is the only golf player I know due to the crazy amount of endorsements he has done. I also have US weekly or some similar gossip magazine to thank. It had him on the cover when his first born arrived. It felt nice. It is a full blown championship!

Tournament Gate

Now comes my mom’s professional golfer friend in her Lacoste cap and polo shirt, toting her golf club’s bag along. Mom suggests we go shop for golfing attire. Polo Ralph Lauren shorts and a Burberry’s polo shirt should do. Both in white along with the hideous golf shoes. If this is the role we are going to be playing for now, I will pass. I will be sticking with my flowered summer dress; thank you very much. “So mom you are officially old!” I say. “Well, you are officially inactive” she replies. Final exams’ period is not the best time to explore new hobbies. Let alone, I did not go to the Kentucky Derby and Oaks for that same reason. Despite the fact I have already bought my tickets months ago.

Public Phones~

The last day of the tournament, my mom decides to leave. Practically, we have been there for a little bit over 24hours. “Back to The Big Apple”, she says. There is no way I am leaving before I email this exam. I have to stay put in one place. You will just have to leave without me. It is bad enough that FedEx will not deliver it till Monday. I have to get it done once and for all. I escape to the terrace knowing no one will bother me, I suggest my mom visits her Brother in Charlotte or something. Hours spent working on the test, I find my self bored and wander between the empty tents. Scary.. but I was so tempted to see the other side that we were not allowed in when the Pros were there.

I get a little lost and call my friend. Rescue me…..

No prince charming came to help 😦 Fernando helped me back.

We are back in the city, my Professor receives my test a day late. I tell my mom: God knows it was your fault. I should therefore get an A regardless. Sure enough, I did.


~ by Purple Velvet on May 14, 2009.

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