Santa Claus is coming to Town!

Sorry, I will pick up where I left off!
Friend was visiting, final exams and then Santa came to town in May 😛
Life is good, my friend is visiting and I am not studying.  My tutor calls and says he can’t meet me because he is worried about being deported!   Should I offer to marry him till I am done with my courses?  I wake up 11ish and take a peak at my BB 11 missed calls.  I call my nutty sister in London.  Her on the other end of the line: mom is on her way to NY.  As I rub my eyes what?!! How and when?  I jump out of my bed screaming and BBM Targa,,,Yo! MOM is on her way.  All he says is HUH? LOL.  Yeah. Well, that helped a lot.  I ask my friend should I call my mom?  Then before she can even reply…NO, I will not call her.  She should call me.  I wait all day and the day after, tick-tock tick-tock!  Nothing!  The morning of my exam.  I get the call.  I am in NY how are you… I’ve got to be dreaming.  I look at the number, that’s not a NY number sigh.  It is her Swiss cell.  So, are you coming?  I am already here.  SHOCK!!!!
Well mom, I have to get ready now I have an exam.  I thought about not calling you until after the test but whatever.  Then she follows, go on line and look for a flight NOW.  I go towards my laptop with my toothbrush in hand.  I still have an exam on Monday.  It is a take home exam though.  The minute I said that, I regret it!  Yeah, well just bring your laptop and email it.  You carry it with you on planes all the time.  Why is your friend over if you still have exams?  Are we really going to have this conversation?  I go to my test and all I can think about is NY. 
I get to the city so nice they named it twice.  I love this place.  Even when I am forced to be there I still manage to enjoy my self.  After listening to all the yapping and the complaining for miserable hours.  I decide to be Jack and hit the road. I go back to the Hotel after walking around peacefully and suddenly crave chocolate.  Just as I opened my mouth, my mom comes over with boxes of fine Swiss chocolate.  I actually fell in love with her for a second.  I love Santa he never fails to stuff my stocking!
I got a wake up call at 7 am to have breakfast in my mom’s living room.  I curse the front desk only to realize it was my mother’s friend on the other end .  I down my warm buttery croissant and drink cranberry juice. Listening to all the gossip about people between Riyadh and Europe and the poor lady who couldn’t afford to rent the apartment on the lake she gets every year… yada yada yada… I slowly sip my tea with lemon and no sugar, while my mind is busy coming up with ideas i.e. stuff I can come up with, then suggest we all do as a group that I am sure absolutely no one other than my self would like. Then It suddenly hit me!  Museums!  Yes!  My mom has always complained about the number of museums my dad took her to on their honey moon and continued to do so for years after in London and France.  
    Wondering around I feel this acute abdominal pain.  My 3 month late period now at The Guggenheim?  Oh well, at least I now know I wasn’t raped during my sleep. No one seems to believe that I might be a pregnant virgin that is sexually inactive.  I innocently asked them, what about Virgin Mary?  They all looked at me as if I were crazy.  See, that is the exact look she got! I know for sure.  My mom says an even worse comment “and what about her?  What about Mary!”  So it is easier for my mom to accuse the holy virgin, than believe her own daughter.

~ by Purple Velvet on May 10, 2009.

One Response to “Santa Claus is coming to Town!”

  1. Hahahaha OMG! I can’t stop laughing at the last part lol

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