Shaheen Jafargholi

Life is good, my friend is visiting, semester is ending before I finish all my crap and even better, my tutor is being deported ! So basically I am screwed! Two finals and a ton of past due papers to go in less than a week. I browse through new videos on You tube and think of watching Susan Boyle. Britain’s Got Talent. Who is this cute kid?? I wanna squish him. Just can not get over his dimples. Shaheen Jafargholi. Hello Palestine… or whatever third world Arab country he is from.

The cutie pie takes the stage, his Nadya Suleiman looking (preAngelina Jolie look alike plastic surgery that is) mother is over reacting and pursing her lips. Simon asks him what is he going to sing. Valarie by Amy Winehouse. What? Valerie? This kid is sure to impress. The choice of song is certainly interesting. On the side, the song is not Winehouse‘s, she sang it as a cover a while ago with Mark Ronson. The original was by The Zutons just to be precise. Anywho…. The note is completely wrong and the poor kid is off beat. Did Wicked Simon have to be harsh and stop him ?How mean!! Let The Cabbage Patch Kid Do his thing. Simon asks him what do you sing apart from that. To be honest, I had to rewind a dozen times, till I understood what he was saying. I thought he was just being nasty. He says who’s loving you; Michael Jackson. He completely W O W ssssZ with a capital Zee or Zed as they say in Good ‘ol Britain, since we are talking about their show. We don’t want to piss off Simon, now do we? I understand why Simon was so abrupt. He knew this kid could do way better.

I absolutely came to tears, NO joking !!! Not Susan Boyle goose bumps. TEARS. I kept on repeating the clip over and over again. I then decide to search for little MJ singing it. Why is he not as shocking? Is it the fact that we know he was a miracle and now is a legend. I scroll down to comment. Notice this weird but smart comment: “If Shaheen JaferCannelloni –whatever his name is, brought you here copy and paste”. So I honestly copy and paste it. Then as I play it again I notice a similar comment. “If you think Shaheen Cannoli is not as good as Michael Jackson, copy and paste”. Is this guy retarded? I will not judge people. I copied and pasted that as well. What would have really made sense is: “Did you know this song was by Michael Jackson before hearing it from Shaheen J. copy and paste”. Yes, I will be referring to him as Mr. Dimple J. from now on.

Off too the Airport to pick up my pumpkin muffin; Bella. I am already late :/


~ by Purple Velvet on April 28, 2009.

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