Slumdog Millionaire

Slumdog For Sale….
According to Khaleej Times Online. Slumdog Millionaire’s Rubina. Was for sale by her father to a Shaikh from Dubai. This is not OK. Whether it’s a Shaikh from Dubai or not, is not the issue. The money and power on the Dubai side and the need on Rubina’s, makes this the perfect inhumane transaction.  In the world we live in, the rich guy from the richer country is always the bad guy. I will not go into this crap. This will be a separate post. I will continue as if it was true. So who ever you are… Since you are rich, do you want her as a servant or a pet or??? I can’t even finish my sentence! This is horrible!!! If you really want to help her. You can donate money to her parents. Has human life become for sale? If this is the case with a girl in an Oscar-Golden Globe winning movie, what is it with the rest of the Slum?  
Didn’t see the movie, although was tempted a while ago.  I went to see an independent movie in this little theater. The lady that gave me my diet caffeine free coke said: Do you want popcorn today with your drink? Me:No thank you, I’m fine with the soda. Her:It’s free you know? Me: really? Oh, but I don’t like it! It gets stuck between my teeth, it’s dry and scratches my throat n the ceiling of my mouth. Her: wow. Me:Yeah, I know but I think I’ll get a box of candy mmm I’ll have whoppers. Then she asked which movie I was going to see. As I took a quick look at the time on my cell phone she continued you should see Slumdog Millionaire, It is amazing.  
I went in and cried about this suburban wife who commits suicide after her husband changes plans about moving to France. I weeped.   Really related to her. I felt so sad, I didn’t even finish my chocolate. On my way out, I check the times for Slumdog and then quickly change my mind about being a loser and watching two movies back to back. A month later, a Professor at school is saying it was a well put together movie. All this was before I learned that there were any Indians involved! Eww!!! Never been a fan of cheesy Bollywood movies. Even when people said that I looked like an actor called Serdivi or what ever her name is, was I ever tempted to see her on “VCR” back in the day? NO!
Months later, Oscar’s and Golden Globe’s nominations…. What? This can’t be right! I resent the movie even more after sweeping all the awards. I make up my mind that my 10$ is better off used towards Reese’s peanut butter cups. Everywhere I go people are yapping about the movie, it continues to be in theaters for months, now that it got all these awards.

I wake up today fairly early 3pm! Woo hoo!!! I get ready and look for my car keys. Do they still sell those stupid key chains? The ones you clap and they beep back at you. God I feel like an 85year old woman. I have a dish thing on the table in my entrance, I should be placing the keys in as soon as I enter. Bad memory is not something new to me, yet I still fail to place them there and help my degenerating memory. Aha. kitchen counter next to the fridge! Why am I not surprised? I get my dry clean, my car washed and head to the spa. Why on god’s earth has my Blackberry not even said a thing. I try calling my house and it says: You have been sleeping for a month and didn’t pay BIATCH! I call the 611 to pay from my cell phone, it won’t let me ! Why does an express pay line not work from a phone that needs to be paid? I’ll just take advantage of this day and won’t let being phone-less ruin it, I’ll deal with it as soon as I get back.
  I have to admit I have been living in a slum my self. A week ago I find this notice that states my mailbox is full.   I have to go pick it up from the post office.  It is 4 blocks away but the fact I have been sleeping past their operating hours defeats the possibility of having it picked up. In the middle of my thoughts my car phone rings. I will not pick up, what if it is my mom? I walk into the spa and get the “VIP” package. How ironic? The”VIP” that does not have a working cell phone! 
I get home, call Comcast and ask if they want any money as well? Can’t imagine living on TiVoed episodes I have been watching for weeks and using the sushi place’s wireless till they close around 2am, then have to switch to my neighbors.
No Mam, there is no amount due at this moment! Sigh. 


~ by Purple Velvet on April 26, 2009.

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