So I wake up at last!

Holy shit ! It’s 6PM? Ahh, I wanna roll over and just die. I get up at last, I am blogging while watching David Letterman. Haven’t watched this show in ages. I have better stuff to do, it is the last week of school. I am busy shoving everything I see in sight in my mouth. I get on my desk then feel hungry again. Keeping busy to get away from school work is one thing, eating your way towards avoiding to deal with it, is another.

Jamie Foxx is on! I love him. BLAME IT ON THE ALCOHOL!!!!!
Stupid song but made it to number one. It is nice to blame it on something. I prefer putting the blame on SOMEONE.

Is it normal to have your day start when people are getting ready to go to sleep? In my parents house I lived that way for most of my life as far as I remember. Especially during stressful times such as finals. It is more peaceful. I get to miss and be missed. I would not see my mom for as long as 2 weeks. She is one floor away. We communicate through phone while living under the same roof. I ignore her none stop nagging with a quick press on a button called DND. Yet she reaches me via cell phone.

Relations and guys are a huge Taboo back in Riyadh. You are not allowed what so ever to talk on the phone with a guy or even call him a friend. My night life gave me the freedom to dive in the mysterious world of the other sex. My cell phone would be ringing none stop starting 10 PM. My sister used to joke and call it “56 al9ada8a”. Nothing creepy, just testing the waters and seeing if there is anyone worthwhile…. Normally, I would talk to one guy at a time. It takes me as long as one phone call to know if he is. Soooo, not the guy I am looking for… Next!

I have never had more than one guy at a time, not because I was faithful…. I was analyzing every single thing he says. You can only imagine how hard that would be if I spoke to more than one at a time. Although it would have been more time effective. Occasionally, a guy would call back after been given the boot. I have been dealing with the new even more screwed up guy. So, I sometimes would let the poor guy back in. In this case, I would have an overlap for mostly a week until I eliminate one.

I have no one in my life now. No mother to annoy me, so I have to wait till she sleeps. A place that looks fabulous during the day with these big, glass wall to wall windows. Yet, I choose to sleep through it and stay awake in the cold scary night alone. I can’t even go out. I am scared to go out at night. If there is something very important to do or errands to run, I do them as soon as the sun shines, then sleep when I get back. Have I addicted this miserable life style?
Can I BLAME it on the ????

I am more of a night owl. It’s like I think better with a sharper memory and accomplish more at night. Also, thanks to the scary streets that won’t tempt me and the crap they put on TV when only crazy people are awake.

Who is there to blame ?
Not having a comfortable environment in one’s household? The society that doesn’t allow girls to have normal relations? Therefore, forces it upon them to have their own worlds after midnight. Have we all became night owls?

Still eating….
I decide I’ll scoop my self some Rocky Road and watch Chelsea Lately. I will finish this post and get down to business.


~ by Purple Velvet on April 24, 2009.

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