I Don’t wanna do this anymore


I am listening to this amazing song as I blog….I wake up and update my status on twitter. “Just woke up” I go back to sleep after seeing 7 missed calls from my mom who sends me an sms after! Probably an angry one. Don’t have a clue :s She insists on texting in Arabic even when I told her my new BB can’t read Arabic. I wake up again around 3:00pm and go on twitter, my friend who gets all the blame for my “new” addiction sent me “97 alnoom.” I update my status”just woke up round two” Then I @ him a “97 bdinik 7abibi“. Still feeling sick to my stomach from the 7 missed calls and the scary sms; I drag my self to the living room, pop my laptop open and send my self the text as an email so I will be able to read it. I would never be brave enough to call her back without having any idea what to expect. I’ll tell you it wasn’t that delightful, but what am I going to do? Buy another mom? She actually forwarded me a text MSG she got from her annoying friend and was obviously going to pick a fight with me about what her friend told her that I said!!!!!
PHEWWWW…..Thanks god I didn’t pick up ….let it blow off or sink in for a day or two, then face it. I know I am completely right! Still didn’t have to voice my opinion. Me and my big mouth! Now I am in trouble.

It is now around 4:45pm and I have a class at 5:15.
I tell my friend Bella who I was bbming for a while: 7abibty I am late for class ttyl. Driving uphill, debating if I should or should not hit Starbucks drivethru before class.. it is already 5:09…..ahh what the heck if it is really late, I won’t take my coffee to class with me…. no reason for my professor to think I was late for class because I stopped to get coffee! It is a better reason that I was actually bbming nonsense and lost track of time. I park my car in the “staff only” parking and walk to class and think am I going to get a ticket? I don’t care I have my white mocha that’s what matters. I approach the building and the remote thingy for the key-less entry drops in front of my professor off my key chain :0 I can’t act like I didn’t see him, so I give out this cheesy Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii šŸ™‚ ! and open the door for him. He also forgot his slides so there was no lecture… he also points out looking at me, I was late leaving the cancer center, I had to perform 2 procedures. In other words, you were late getting coffee! We start asking random questions and he hands out our midterms!!! NO grade??? If you didn’t get a grade that means it is an A!!!!!!! Yes! My first A on the first paper to hand in this semester….I think I just had an orgasm!

I ask a random question! Why do cancer patients die a couple of months after starting treatment although the tumor has been there for maybe as long as 20 years!!! Is it just better to not get the treatment? He answers it in an excellent way. I lost many people to this horrible disease and hope to make a difference šŸ˜¦ Both Grandfathers, Grandmother from my dad’s side, 2 Aunts from my Dads side, Maternal aunt is currently in a terminal stage and the list goes on and on. Allah y7f9′kum jamee3an ya rab oo al3′aleen oo ana m3akum.

@ the ATM only to find temporally out of service ,,, you know when you can actually hear them rambling behind it with this red flag, I never noticed at any other location till today. This guy comes up and I say:hasn’t come up yet! Thanks! he leaves. Now the security guy comes and I’m like they are doing something yada yada yada,,,, then he says it normally takes 45 minutes and they have been there for 20 minutes. I say OK I’ll wait -I mean It’s not like I have anything better to do I’m meeting my tutor in about an hour. You know! Me: What? I have seen it take up to 2 hours! Me: Oh! The closest one is on campus right? Yeah, or you can go somewhere like for an hour and come back.

I hate Bank Of America!!!

I call my tutor on my way to hell.. Hey there, are you ready for me now? ( After I blew him off yesterday because I was “busy” twittering :s ) Well, no I just got home to grab a bite. Me: That’s fine, -I mean since I already paid him in full there is no reason to get upset, he has nothing to loose at this point. I can meet you the usual time 8?9? OK, that’s good! Bye see you later, I’ll go and read something till 8.

Little did he know, that the good student was referring to going to Barnes& Nobles to stack up on Gossip magazines and get more caffeine :D. Driving towards West Hills, Listening to Nabil Sh3ail… ana ma zelt afker feek oo amoot b7bik oo 6areek ..lakin hathe a6ba3ee a5abee al7zn be ma agool…. I remember I need a coffee maker, I’ll go to Williams Sonoma and get one of those fancy ones with all the bells and whistles! Aroma,Self Clean and timer so I can wake up on the smell of freshly brewed coffee šŸ™‚ Do I really want to spend this much on a coffee maker ?Though I can get a decent one for fraction of the price at Macy’s!! Aah, what the hell! Who am I to talk about dropping a couple of hundreds on my daily coffee, I dropped thousands on stuff I never use. The old lady in the apron: Miss! me: Yes? Erm, hold on to your receipt if you want to exchange it. me: Why would I do that? her: well if it stops working what is on the receipt will go towards your new one. me: What period are we talking? The old lady: I mean 12 years, this is William Sonoma and you get your money worth, computers don’t keep data that long so it is a good idea to keep it with your manual. Me: Well, neither do I and it will go with my manual and the box in the garbage! I leave the store in shock !! I have bought 4000$ bags and never got something even close. Chanel,Bottega Veneta etc etc wouldn’t even clean my bag for free!!!

I hear the song from far away on my way out…I don’t wanna take it anymore la la la……fades away… It is very familiar but I don’t know it, is it from the 90’s or 80’s?? I gaze at the pumps in the window… I want to go in and get a pair to wear with my boyfriend jeans since it is starting to warm up. I decide will shop later when my friend comes over. I stop at a cellular provider to ask about buying minutes for my car phone. I enter the store both clerks are busy, I wait patiently.. one of them apologizes. I’m not in a hurry (I mean I’m meeting my tutor) A lady comes in after 25 minutes and they answer her question. I stand up the real purple shows: Um, excuse me ! Since you are answering random questions… the lady is like actually she was before me, I jumped ahead of her.. Me: I just want minutes for my car,my dealer is charging me an arm and a leg…the clerk:Do you have an account with us? Me: No!I have Cingular-I know it is at&t now but still call it that. But I would like to establish one it has to be cheaper…Him:450 minutes for a 100 dollars. Me:perfect! I pay close to a dollar a minute. The clerk now drops everything and starts: Miss would you like water as you wait ?I will be with you in a minute. Me: actually, I’ll be back tomorrow. Him: I won’t be here tomorrow. Me:I really have to go I have class. It will only take 2 minutes. I stop for a second and then say, can I have your card? I can come in after tomorrow or whenever you are in. I can’t blame the guy!!! With this kind of economy, people are getting rid of there cell phones. He hands me his card as I explain that I can’t wait because my school is all the way downtown and I have to be there in almost 8 minutes. No problem, just call me. I live on north shore.. I can come in ! If someone new tries to merge this account with your car phone they will have difficulties.

Whatever, I’ll call the poor guy! Apparently he is desperate for the commission.

I download TwitterBerry and know that my friend won. I ask Bella about the song and google it. She books her ticket..I can’t wait for her to come over šŸ™‚


~ by Purple Velvet on April 21, 2009.

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