Tweet Tweet! It’s my Blackberry a friend of mine is giving me a kiss unexpected!!! All he sends me is go to hell and offensive Arabic words or spits on me by typing the word “tfo” which is a very common thing between friends :/ I ask are you OK? You must be sick or have a fever. T3alee Twitter !!! I was on the phone and second of all I don’t twitter ! After 3 hours or so ,,,Not cool enough I say 🙂 Him:Y U should it’s fun!! Well that is interesting I was just talking about twittering on my blog yesterday a post which is still a prisoner as a draft till this moment! What you have a blog? You didn’t know? Obviously there is a lot you don’t know about me. How lame I started this so called blog 2 days ago and ask him if he knows it lol. He said you never mentioned it till now, send me the link. I will.. on my Way back home 🙂 I wasn’t totally lying I blog on a paper or via email and send it to my self but it was too juicy and contained too much information to be published to the general :s I also use my brain to blog to my self and repeat what ever awkward stuff happened in my life so far… as much as I can remember.

Moving on the friend I was talking on the phone with and mentioned the desire to start this blog calls me and says where are you? Yeah so exciting I’m still in my PJ’s and it is 7pm Saturday. What? Get up! Go somewhere! If you stand up and walk around you will feel like it. I put her on speaker and talk while washing my face and pulling my jeans on. OK I’m out the door. I drive and find my self at Barnes&Nobles. Yeah listen by the way I started my blog thing. You what? I thought you will wait till you get your Masters? Yeah I’ll just leave the juicy stuff out so If I get in trouble I can stay here and work and don’t have to deal with my parents. So what are you going to do? Read magazines and slurp my white mocha. There are no good bad Gossip magazines. Out of no where “Hala hala” Me: marhaba :s ,,,, My friend says what the hell was that the people in Starbucks are Arabs? I tell her yeah later! How am I suppost to explain it to her in arabic??? It’s a lady who heard me talking in Arabic and decided she should say hi ! hahahahaha. I think I was rude..didn’t even try to ask her where she was from. Who cares!!! Listen I’m done reading when the only interesting thing to read is about Kris and the Karadashians new house,you know that there is better things to do than waste your time on that! Even if it is staring at the ceiling. Besides, Sunday is tomorrow and I will get to know about the house on the crazy show …my TIVO thinks I am shallow enough and started recording it for me according to stuff I watch such as Real House Wives of NYC and reruns of SATC although I own all six seasons but still find it thrilling to drop everything in my hand and tune in on a clipped episode recorded on my TIVO!! Yeah exactly !! That’s what I thought as well 🙂

I am on my way back home lots of papers piled up waiting for me.. some were due as far back as the beginning of the semester. Two more painful weeks left. My friend booking her ticket to come and visit next Saturday 😀 BTW do you want to go to see beyonce @ the Madison square garden? Well, yeah sure when is it ? June 21st! Then hell yeah 🙂 It’s a Sunday and in NYC …can’t go wrong although not a fan of her since her first hit Crazy or something… I’m going anyways.. The city my friend and me 🙂 Enough time to control my way out of hand on line shopping so I can shop with no guilt when I go there 🙂 Shopping will be discussed in a separate post!!! Especially my purple stuff and shopping while on your couch in you PJ’s>>VERY DANGEROUS!!!!! If you have a department store CC that is double the risk ahhh.

Twitter will not be affiliated in anyway to this blog due to the secrecy of my identity here but I might give in and hop on the cool ride :*


~ by Purple Velvet on April 19, 2009.

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