So my sister gives me her BB pin…and I was like good we are getting closer 🙂 We are more than 10 years apart anyways so it’s good she is taking this step. Then I wonder if I am going to be blocked just like my 4 MSN accounts. She is a copy of me in every way except for some unknown reason she gets along with my mom. So, I am giving her an extra star just for the ability to do so. My mom is very calm just like the wind then out of no where there comes this huge tornado, except no meteorologist can predict when it is going to blow!! I can’t even have a civil conversation without getting into an argument about not liking her friend or my annoying cousins.

I got my twitter up n running and got rid of the ppl they put on Ur list except the Midget Ryan Seacrest and Al Gore. The later one might have something up his sleeve on the long run. I always thought he was an interesting man and got a chance to know more about him…Bring it ON. My friend was like create an account even if you don’t use it just so no one takes your name. I was like my real name or the name on MSN he was your real name “6ab3an!” “tbeen tf9’7ena entee?” So I go on twitter wondering can it be real no one took my name yet? It is a common Arabic name not only in Saudi. So I say hey yo It’s taken but I added my Initial to it. He was like get it on your BB. I was like easy now !! He laughs with glory and says I tricked you into getting on twitter 🙂 Get it on blackberry so you update it when U R bored.

I haven’t got through my pile yet but I’m working on it. I’ll play some Nikka Costa and get it done! I can’t even look at my Professor’s face every time I pass by her office I squint my eyes and hoping she can’t see me as well or walk as close as I can to the wall so the edge of the door will come between us :s not sure if it works, I feel safer.

I was thinking about my blog. Is it normal to have more than a post a day? I wanted to post something last night since it went on till 7am so technically it would’ve been OK because it was already today. I felt even more enthused when I saw the number of hits in two days. I was like even if they take a peak it is good for a start. I am not saying anything interesting anyways YET. I want to feel comfortable about blurting out my daily drama for future reference. I might be a life saver to every confused girl/lady in this world. Born in a western country, raised different than my friends then to make it worse taken back after 10 years to live in a sick society to whom I have to acquiesce . How far can you show your difference without being rejected? I showed it enough to know I have haters from close family.

At the end of the day I am writing this for my self. Have we really got used to having our life exposed? Facebook, Blogs, Twitter& status updates everywhere MSN, BBM etc.

Just the feeling of spilling everything and have someone read it without judging gives me a thrill! I can’t wait to have the guts and do it!

Waiting for my lean cuisine ,,, then going to work !

Tootaloo ;*


~ by Purple Velvet on April 19, 2009.

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