The day I started

Well I’ve been thinking about this for a while … not long but for a while. The thought of writing a book has been there longer to be honest. I am not going into details about the book writing now. There will be a special post for it later. I didn’t want to sound cheesy by saying I always wanted to start a blog but that’s the truth, furthermore I thought about it was yapping on the phone with a friend and told her about leaving out the extra juicy stuff for starters. I tried to create my purple blog 2 days after but my stupid browser kept asking me about cookies…I was thinking oreos? chips ahoy? I don’t think so. I asked this friend whom I had a sorta fight with he is from Bahrain he said he has no idea. Then I asked my smart cookie friend who shamed me on using explorer and made it simple for me to learn in my designer language world as Zara and mango of browsers. I switched to FireFox and joked with him about what “Mozarila” is capable of doing. FYI I am back to Zara and mango.

This is not the a funny blog nor an interesting blog so you don’t have to read it. I wouldn’t want to to be honest. It is not going to be fancy ! I might have a purple background later on to go with the name but won’t be velvet ,, I was thinking of starting after the semester ends but found my self starting now.

The blog is plain me 😉 readers will get to know me each blog at a time. I will give no intro what so ever. I might ask to refer to certain blogs for further information knowing the lazy bum I am on not wanting to repeat even my own words.

I was thinking this will be a reference if I ever decide to write my book. I will blog mostly in English. I will move to New yOrk 😀 I will not be correcting my spelling on a daily basis. There are spell correctors call it laziness but this is the only thing I write everyday and decide what should and should not be done. SOOO all typos will be ignored ! That is unless I feel it is a very interesting post. Not going to say important because I will have nothing important. Just warning you now :* to the first to read this crap.


~ by Purple Velvet on April 18, 2009.

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